Electric utility/cooperative offices (including branch offices) have no
standard tagging in the Philippines. Various tagging includes
office=company or office=utility, plus landuse=commercial for the grounds,
or building=commercial for the building. I am proposing the possible tags
to map an electric utility or cooperative company offices.

office=electric_utility (for privately owned electric utilities, e.g.
Meralco, Visayas Electric Company, Davao Light, Cotabato Light, Cabanatuan
Electric Corporation/CELCOR)
office=cooperative (for local electric cooperatives, usually in the
provincial level)
building=commercial (if the office is in the whole building. The name of
the utility/cooperative is not needed if the office is mapped as a polygon
with landuse=commercial)
landuse=commercial (if the office has grounds, that includes buildings,
parking lots, and other facilities).

Also, I will make a page for a list of electric utilities/cooperatives on
the wiki, so there is a guide for naming electric utility/cooperative
offices and tagging operators of transmission (including subtransmission)
and distribution infrastructure (power lines, substations, poles/towers,
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