Hello, really cool project!

One thing that seems to be missing is an understanding of the concept of
"korsningen bredgränd dragabrunnsgatan". Although there are several
"Bredgränd" in Sweden, there are only one that crosses another street
called "Dragabrunnsgatan", namely in Uppsala.


On Thu, Sep 15, 2016 at 9:05 AM, Thomas Fischer <thomas.fisc...@his.se>

> Hello,
> my name is Thomas Fischer and I am a researcher and teacher at the
> University in Skövde (Högskolan i Skövde).
> In the past months, I have worked on a project that makes use of
> OpenStreetMap data to geolocate/georeference text phases as found in
> news paper articles or police reports. For example, if a news report
> is about a traffic accident on E20 near Vårgårda, the software's
> task is to identify the place were E20 passes closest to the city of
> Vårgårda. Similarly, if the report talks about Skolgatan, the
> software shall identify the right instance of a road of this name if
> the report names the municipality in the same input text. The
> software is designed specifically for Sweden (hierarchy of road
> names and administrative structures) and the Swedish language (stop
> words, for blacklisting certain terms, converting plural forms into
> singular, ...).
> A demonstrator of the resulting software is available at
>  http://fish.research.nsa.his.se:9876/
> The demonstrator's source code is available at GitHub:
>  https://github.com/thomasfischer-his/pbflookup
> In my experience, the software is working already quite well. There
> are two main limitations:
> - Missing, inconsistent, or erroneous information in the underlying
>   map data from OpenStreetMap (unfortunately)
> - Lack of a deeper textual analysis: Words are extracted as is from
>   the input text, so the word 'vara' (to be) and the city of Vara
>   are indistinguishable.
> The software is written in C++, but care has been taken for code
> quality by using static code checkers and tools like Coverity Scan
> or Valgrind.
> The project to develop this softwas was co-financed by
> Internetstiftelsen
> I am contacting this mailing list for two reasons. First, I would
> like to get some feedback such as error reports or ideas for
> extensions.
> Second, I would like to pursue this project further, so I am looking
> for cooperation partners that can (financially) support the project.
> Examples for cooperation partners can be app developers that want to
> make use of the JSON/XML interface, news agencies or newspapers that
> want to add the service of matching their articles to a map
> location, or governmental, regional, or municipal agencies that want
> to geolocate their own or citizens' reports (think of 112 calls or
> citizens reporting broken street lights).
> So, if you have an existing contact at an organization that may be
> interested, please forward this mail. If you personally interested
> in a cooperation, you can contact me directly, of course.
> Greetings from Skövde, Sweden,
> Thomas Fischer
> https://www.his.se/fish
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