A few years ago it was meant as a way to comply with the PT v2 scheme. For
me a nice side effect is/was that JOSM assigns a platform role
automatically when adding them to route and stop_area relations. But it
wouldn't be hard to reprogram it to do that for simply

Dropping the public_transport tags on stops is covered by Ilya's proposal
though. I'm somewhat indifferent to whether we do or don't drop those tags.

My proposal is mostly about not adding 2 objects to the route relations for
each stop and to keep all the stop's details together on that one object
that is added to the route relations, preferably a node.


2018-04-13 19:48 GMT+02:00 Selfish Seahorse <selfishseaho...@gmail.com>:

> On 11 April 2018 at 19:38, Roland Hieber <li...@rohieb.name> wrote:
> > However, a main reason why the Public Transport schema was adopted [1]
> > was exactly this differentiation between stop position on the route and
> > platform position/waiting area for the passengers.  This was done to
> > increase the expressiveness of OpenStreeMap data, and to make
> > information more easier obtainable for routing software.  After all, the
> > two things are at different positions, and you cannot generally infer
> > the one from the other.  Reverting to the old schema would therefore
> > take away that expressiveness.
> >
> > [1]: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/
> Public_Transport#Goal_of_this_public_transport_proposal
> If the waiting area is mapped as a node, it can be projected on the
> road or rail, thus making a separate stop position node on the road or
> rail unnecessary.
> However, I think it is not very straightforward that this node is
> proposed to be tagged public_transport=platform and a possible
> physical platform highway=platform. In my opinion, tagging the waiting
> area node only highway=bus_stop or railway=tram_stop would be much
> less confusing. Besides these tags are self-explanatory. (And, as you
> wrote, these tags will probably remain needed for rendering purposes
> for a long time to come. Why double tagging then?)
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