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as a follow-up a statistic about whether highway=bus_stop is rather used on-street or off-street. The vast majority is (now) mapping bus stops off the street. The numbers vary, 99% of all bus stops in United Kingdom are mapped off street, about 80%-90% in France, Italy, and Germany. But also only 65% in Poland.

The request is per country, here "United Kingdom" as an example. Please change the country to your country of interest:
The runtime can vary, and for Germany it is several minutes.
The important data points are the first entries on the "Data" tab.
The results visiable on the map indicate which stops the query could not sort as either on-the-road or off-the-road (including being on a footway or similar) because it could not classify the highway value as footway or vehicle related. highway=pedestrian is classified as vehicle way, because in all the examples I have checked it has been used that way:

Maybe we should, rather than blurring the line between on-street and off-street use, make off-street the officially preferred way of mapping.

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