>   1. Whole-US Garmin Map update - 2016-09-11 (DRTBYK)
> From: DRTBYK <drt...@gmail.com>
> Subject: [Talk-us] Whole-US Garmin Map update - 2016-09-11
> Date: September 15, 2016 at 7:40:21 AM PDT
> To: talk-us@openstreetmap.org
> Given the size of the largest file, it wouldn’t be that much larger to 
> include the rest of Canada and Mexico to create a truly North America 
> version. 
> Cheers,
> Dan Townsley

I agree.  The version designed to fit on a 4 GB card is 3.6 GB, and the version 
designed to fit on an 8 GB card is only slightly larger at 3.8 GB.  The 
"missing tiles" sufficient to give truly complete North American coverage 
(parts of Canada, quite sparse of data) might only take an additional gigabyte 
(likely much less), the entirety of Mexico might be an additional gigabyte and 
even the six countries of Central America could be included at another gigabyte 
or two at most.  It seems that North AND Central America could fit on an 8 GB 

I really love and use these data in my trusty Garmin 60CSx (a champ after ten 
years of great service).  I get the .torrent version (and I seed!)  This sort 
of "closing the loop" (of editing OSM data, then actually USING them) are one 
of the greatest aspects of OSM.  I, and you, too can edit our own GPS map data 
with fresh updates every couple of weeks!  True, I don't travel to Nunavut or 
Quintana Roo (very often), but I might someday!

How about it, Dave?  Might we see a truly complete North (+ Central) American 
version fitting into 8 GB in the future?  Please?

Thank you,
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