Edits, from what appears to be a search engine optimization company (SEO),
have damaged a number of ways in the US. Martijn Van Exel pointed out the
problem on Slack the other day. What they did was to add their client to a
street, often changing the name of the street to the company.  Fortunately
they made it easy to find using overpass [1] by adding in the clients
address, phone number, source and website. The query looks for addresses
and websites on ways.

West of the Mississippi has been fixed. There are some false positives when
running the query, they are all park polygons with both leisure=park and
highway=pedestrian. The website url is of the park.

If someone would like to help clean up the rest of damage they did, just
run the overpass query for an area, state, county, etc. to get a list of
ways that match the query. From there just select the way which will open
OSM in another tab where you can use your favorite editor to fix. Use the
history feature or TIGER data to get the correct road name. The addr:street
they added may not be anywhere near your way.

[1] http://overpass-turbo.eu/s/q5A


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