Fellow mappers,
So what's up with the recent changes in our aerial photo imagery?
It used to be so simple and I followed the rule(?) of making sure featuresline 
up with Bing imagery.  I'm wondering about that now - big time.I have been 
mapping in a variety of locations lately and the situation isdifferent in each 
location.  In Minnesota, for instance, I really don't wantto use Bing imagery 
unless at some zoom level it shows me the mostcurrent images (especially in 
high growth areas like northwest Rochester).And when recently updating an 
intersection in southwest Minnesota to anew roundabout, I was aghast at what 
Bing was giving me and so only usedit where the quality/resolution "wasn't TOO 
bad". Sad. Mapbox, ESRI andother imagery were all much better choices, 
especially between Blomkestand Hutchinson, MN. 
So the main question now is: Does the "line up with Bing" rule still stand?In 
recent work around the city of Virginia, Minnesota (re-routing of US 53)I felt 
I had to use Mapbox imagery and so lined up what I could with it ratherthan 
Bing. In most cases, they matched or were off by only 2 meters or so.
I would provide a link to show you the worst area I found (along MN 7 
severalmiles east of Blomkest) but Openstreetmap.org seems to be down right now.
DavidYour Village Maps
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