I’ve encountered a bunch of small questions all at once while trying to add 
detail to the parking lots between the McCoy Center, and the Polaris Towne 
Center (at https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=16/40.1424/-82.9873).  They are 
in two categories: specific to this location and more general JOSM workflow 

Specific to the Polaris area:

• The ring roads around Polaris Fashion Place and the McCoy center look like 
they should have the same prominence, but the Polaris ring is labelled as 
“unclassified” and the McCoy ring is “tertiary”—which one should they both be 
or does someone else local have a reason why they are different levels?  
(Related, there are some mall entrances that are labeled as unclassified on one 
side of a crossroad but service on the other, even though they have similar 
numbers of lanes and function on both sides)
• Certain tiles have different offset and it’s hard to blend the areas smoothly 
with imagery alone.  I’ve occasionally seen this elsewhere when editing and I’m 
not sure if it’s one specific tile that has a different offset or if someone 
accidentally dragged all the elements a meter or two off their actual location. 
 Unless I can get out there myself and make sufficiently accurate measurements, 
I’m assuming that it is the tile that is offset.  How do you transition from an 
offset tile to the rest of the map?
• Most of the parking lots I want to fill in already have an area with 
“amenity=parking” on top of them and are just missing their parking aisles and 
driveways.  However, these marked parking areas are often poorly-rectified and 
seem to get in the way of editing.  I do not want to delete them because 
they’re clearly not vandalism (there are actual parking lots there) and it will 
probably be way more work that I expect to recreate everything, but it would be 
nice to start from a fresh slate.  Should I go back through older edit sets of 
mine to add the area with amenity=parking around the areas where I added 
parking aisles, or should I consider that a low priority and let the parking 
aisles speak for themselves for now?  Should I mark the areas in the future?
• Finally, there are some parking garages of unknown height, but with a 
definite connection between their top floor and the surrounding driveways (all 
the parking lanes are visible) and a connection of unknown internal routing 
between the driveways and a lower level.  How should I map them: as buildings, 
roads, or a building stacked between roads marked as bridge or tunnel?

More general JOSM workflow questions:

• Best way to align oval-shaped ways?  Is this where W (way alignment mode) 
shines?   Currently I drag the plus signs to the center of the road, then use 
the align in circle shortcut for small subsets of adjacent nodes to make the 
thing smooth and round.
• What is the best way to edit buildings that aren’t well-rectified but also 
contain curvy regions or wings that do not meet at 90°?  The orthagonalize tool 
doesn’t work that well (blends buildings into unrecognizable diamond shapes if 
I only select some nodes and not ways—it would be nice if it could snap to 15° 
increments instead of only looking for right angles).  I usually just part the 
way where the circular and rectangular portions meet, use the respective 
orthagonalize or circle function, then join them (but that doesn’t work as 
nicely for buildings that are intersecting rectangles).

Some bugs (with links to the tickets I filed):

• Has anyone else encountered JOSM becoming unresponsive to a number of 
keyboard shortcuts for no discernible reason? Specifically: undo, delete, most 
shortcuts involving modifier (command, option, etc…) keys don’t seem to work if 
I have JOSM open for too long.  I suspect it has to do something with Java UI 
getting confused over which window is active, but have no clue how I’d make it 
reproducible.  It just seems to be that after a while, undo and delete just 
stop working unless I use the edit menu. #15787 (the switching between apps 
isn’t as reliable of a way to reproduce this as I originally thought when 
opening the ticket)
• Possibly related, JOSM ignores all keyboard commands and menu entries after 
downloading new data until I close another dialogue box (typically I’ll click 
the add tag button and then close the box to get things working again): #15788

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