In the last couple of days some very strange new edits have been occurringright 
in the area I have been working on.
39.69619, -104.90209
Greentree Village Apartments, Denver, CO
1.  A couple of days ago these untagged nodes started showing up, in this part 
of Denver at least.To see them of course you would have to start editing as 
they don't get rendered.  Checking the Historyof a few, I found that they were 
created on the 8th of April by user Victoria1901, a new mapper sinceMarch 13, 
2018.  I sent the user a message asking about this and saying that this is not 
a proper way ofmapping; apparently they were "adding parking".  But many of 
these nodes' locations don't even makesense, some being on primary arterials 
such as South Parker Road, which have NO parking.  I have deletedmany of these 
nodes, but most are still there.  
2.  Today I discovered that another user, nakamuraa, also a new mapper since 
April 03, 2018, added serviceroads in Greentree Village apartment complex while 
I slept, nearly on top of service roads that I added lastnight.  Of course I 
sent nakamuraa a message and hope to get a reply soon.  Surely even if the new 
roads Iadded last night were not yet rendered, at least the mapper would have 
seen them when they were editing,so why would they map practically on top of 
what was already there?  
*** I have thought for a few years that it needs to be maybe not quite so easy 
to become an OSM mapper.  An onlinecourse, requiring a passing grade, should be 
a minimum.  Also, they should probably be assigned an experiencedmapper as a 
temporary mentor who would help them get going and check their work for a 
while. ***

3.  I have also noticed in some locations that duplicate buildings exist.  For 
example, today I saw perhaps 2 dozenor so buildings (mapped as building=yes 
with no other tags but should have been building=terrace) in a townhouse 
development in Alexandria, Virginia, near the intersection of Michigan Avenue 
and Bernard Street, just south of Slaters Lane.  I have seen this kind of thing 
before in other places.  I am assuming that these buildings are from an import 
that was mistakenly done twice.  In Potlatch white circles appear over the 
nodes in the ways that have the same exact coordinates, so they're easy to spot 
and delete.

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