The misspellification of 'coming' was always my pet peeve of sorts.  There
is one individual on this list who is particularly guilty, not gilty, of
these types of ridiculous errors.  And in all honesty I read their posts for
the sole (not soul) purpose of discovering which, not witch words they screw
up next.  Yes, I am a bad Clower, I know.

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Eloquence piss list.  Learn it!  Learn to spell!  Become a better blind 

1.  Rowder:  Router.  (Here's my router, here's my switch.  Oh pray do tell 
me, which is which?)
2.  Wierd:  Weird.  (My god that film was weird!)
3.  Tooned:  Tuned.  (Tune into this radio station.
4.  comin:  Common.  (The common house fly, the common cold.) 5.  Comeing:
Coming.  (I am coming to pick you up at 7 o'clock.) 6.  Udder, Todal:
Utter, Total.  (The utter shits.  The total lose.) 7.  addition versus
edition.  (Addition with an A speaks of adding things, 
like numbers.  Edition with an E speaks of versions of something, like XP 
Home Edition.)

Add to it.  Expound upon it.  Help it become a list with over 250 items, and

then create a dos partition, drop all the makers of Eloquence inside it, and

promptly remove the partition and thus, the Eloq guys from existance. I want
responces.  I want to add them to this list and then circulate it 
around the net.  I can't think of a lot of them, but there's got to be more 
than this.  Hang your head with shame if you're any of the people that write

in your daily lives, as bad as the above list shows.  If you are, cower! 
Cower in abject terror because if and when I find you, I will take your 
rowder, whire you backward to a comin electrical socket, hang you from the 
light fixture and blow you todally and udderly up!  Even your parents won't 
recognise you, do to you being todally and of course, udderly 

(Making a point!)

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