Ok, this came from onj, ok I know he has issue with spam, I only send this to 
the general list to see if something can be done about it.
Its not the spam itself but now every day for the last 3 days I have been 
recieving an attachment called ecard.zip which has a virus.
ofcause I get rid of it however it is continuing, I know there is a spam issue 
which is not going to go away, and the fact we recieve only this message is not 
cause for complaint but can something be done on all tbrn and andrelouis.com 
lists where no attachments are or even html content or something?
Then we would maybe still get the spam or maybe have any messages with 
attachments be removed.
this shouldn't complicate people wanting to send stuff to the list as I know 
quite well that most people on here or rather a vary few have web servers or 

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