As summers show up year after year, this list has this amazing trend of getting 
more and more boring.  oops, what a bad start to a little promotional  email 
Anyways, although this is sadly the case, it doesn't mean the lives of those, 
or events mentioned on this list are just as boring.  In fact, it could be 
argued that they happen to be a great deal more interesting.  However, should 
this not be the case, or should you want to  be a part of something strange, 
PDAudio realtime2011 begins today at 8:03 pm eastern on TBRN.  There has  been 
no things and stuff or WDGLFM for a while due to various reasons, so  the 
results of opening mouths, mics, and phone lines should be something 
After bad things, did AM Talk0 manage to return?  What is AM talk0?  Who/what 
is the zoom dog?  Find out these things and more  in the process of listening.
Chances are, you know how to do this by now, but if not, go to and 
follow the links.  If you have winamp, foobar, or something which offers the 
same functionality, have it open the following URL, and you'll be set.

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