cool I'll be there. never see anyone go on this list anymore i almost forgot 
about it's existence, kind of sad actually.  We should try getting this thing 
going again. Especially now that twitter will start being jerks this could be a 
nice place to keep in mind for well just: things.
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  Subject: The Talk2 List A Special Venison Stew

  Coming up on the Venison Stew New Bands Special tomorrow at 4pm EST 
  A way to start up a balls out ASS KICKIN rockin weekend!

  Featuring @THEHUSHband @sevenyearriot, @pulsedfw, @Luminothmusic, 
@texasheatband, @BrokenRomeo,
  @12gaugewarning, @callingallwave, @KingdomofFew, @CentrefoldBand, 
  @thedanglers, @PoorWater, @FUSEband, @cratermakerband, @joshstonemusic, 
  @Atomic_Honey, @HellsBelles_UK, @Culver_Music, @HYPODIVE, @seedsteve, 
  @brokenride, @ThurkillsVision, @messagetovenus, @Disfracture, 
  @BrokenEndStereo, @SkullKing4, @LorenzaPonce, @SlamCartel, @ForgottenRemedy, 
  @MindMechJohn, @Godsic, @TheBlack13, @SammyBabygirl, @kyra194, even @djdan567 
  and still more to come! May require more shows.  So Tune in! These are the 
  so far of all the new bands i've been coming across lately, listener 
pre-selected. And they are GOOD!
  Today's technology for easy producing has been paying off, and they can 
actually play too! *Far cry from the early days of the garage bands*
  As well as your more "mellow" tracks, and one dude with an almost 
psychopathic (lol) fixation with Rodger Waters,
  most are your hard rockin hands and fingers in the air acting like beavis and 
butthead head bangin style awesomeness.
  So TUNE IN and start your party weekend off RIGHT! :-D

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