Hi all.
Just wandered on how to set one of these up.
I plan to run a temperary service for a net radio station and for my own use.
Obviously because of bandwidth, etc it wouldn't be a perminant thing.
I have 50% of it figured out I think.
I know with no-ip I can make a domain and download an updater client for the ip address. I know I can with the teamtalk install and uninstall scripts I cann remove and add the server with ease.
I have a few questions though.
1. if I put no ip to be bound to when the wizzard asks me will it log to my own ip in the box or just localhost. If it locks to the current ip and thats bound to a no-ip domain by typing that in teamtalk can I then connect to that.

What security things do I need to do to allow this to happen.
Do I need to foreward the tcp and udp ports I plan to use for the incomming and outgoing connection.
I have always been able to out go to ports with  out any issue.
But here is the problem.
I would prefur not to open ports.
Even though hackers can't actually see the network due to no sharing, I really don't want to have to fiddle with routers each time, as I don't want to have the server online 24-7.
What do I need to adjust for security, etc.
I guess I can turn off shares though if thats needed, well.I guess I could pasword protect the servers, but hmmm the other one was public.
At least the other one i used was public access for standard users.
What is the best platform to run the server on.
My portable can run it, on wireless or cable but going back and foreward may be a problem, since if I need to kill wireless to switch to network or something funky happens with it thats it, it goes.
I have a couple options.
the first like mine on xp pro is a desktop with almost the same specs.
Its my dad's work box and can stay on for the day or however long I need it for. The other is my brothers i3, but that has win7 and I have no idea about security for that to run teamtalk and stuff on it, and since he uses it for everything under the sun I'd prefur not to use it, but whatever.
I am trying to find out how feasable it is to run a server here.
I know the duc and the server clients take up once I have running 14 mb, with the client takes up about 5% cpu and 12 mb making for a total of 26mb, which all systems will take.
once the server is running do I need mics, connected to the box it runs on.
when the server connects is it connecting to my system or just the server and do I need a password and username for my system in order to connect to the server. it all looks straight foreward, and resource use is low, what is bandwidth usage like I wander.
if you use audio a lone on highest codec do you use that much?
I need to know the running costs of such a server.

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