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Subject: The Talk2 List Fw: Would you sign our petition to encourage Guide Dogs 
UK to provide a mechanism to certify owner trained guide dogs?

Let's have an email to this list for the first time in..... how's the 

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Subject: Would you sign our petition to encourage Guide Dogs UK to provide a 
mechanism to certify owner trained guide dogs?

I very rarely ask anyone to sign an internet petition, so I hope you will 
forgive the group email.

as some of you may know and some not, I've been working for the last two 
years now with a yellow Labrador called Alice that I trained myself to guide 
me after returning my last dog back to Guide Dogs UK because I felt he was 

Alice performs all the tasks of a normal guide dog plus several assistance 
dog tasks such as finding my keys and phone, handing me objects I drop and 
standing over smaller objects such as pound coins or taking me to them.

However, I am unable to get her officially certified because Guide Dogs UK 
does not recognise owner trained dogs.  This means that I can't fly with 
her, and though I have encountered no access problems anywhere yet, I have 
no legal access rights under the Equality Act as someone would with an 
official guide dog.

This petition is to encourage Guide Dogs UK to think out of the box and look 
at providing a mechanism for supporting and recognising owner trained guide 
dogs provided they meet a certain standard.  This has been done with great 
success in the past in other countries such as New Zealand.  and there are 
currently other charities in the UK who provide help and support for owner 
trainers of assistance dogs, but as I have no other disabilities apart from 
blindness, they are unable to work with me.

This petition was written by my good friend Lynn Holdsworth who owner 
trained a rescue dog Lucy to guide her.  She briefly tells her story at the 

There is no pressure on anyone to sign, and this is the only email I will 
send regarding this petition.  We realise that maybe nothing will be 
achieved in Lucy and Alice's time, but if we are able to plant the seed and 
so help other owner trainers in the future, then at least we will have 
achieved something.

Please feel free to share with friends.  There is space for you to put 
comments too if you like.

Here is the link:

Kind regards

Donna Waring 

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