I received this email and thought if you really have a dirty mind, you'd get a kick out of all the hard, soft, sleep positions it mentions. I certainly sniggered a few times I won't lie... Or lye?

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Data Art
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Men vs. Women, in bed

The battle of the sexes goes to the mattress.
It's men vzzzzzzzz women. Men sleep. Women
sleep. And there the similarities doze off.
When we're all tucked in at night, the way we
sleep sounds a wake-up call of differences:
positions to pillow counts, bedtimes to bed
making, who's wearing nothing at all and
who's wearing something on  their feet.
Sleep together, sleep apart.
Sleep well.

The bed

35 - The number of minutes earlier that UP wearers who sleep with partners go to bed, compared with UP wearers who sleep alone 97% - The percent of UP wearers who sleep with a pillow under their head (20% with a pillow in their arms, 18% between their legs, and 10% at their sides) 81.3% - The percent of women UP wearers who report sleeping on their sides, as opposed to 55.3% of men

Lay your head to rest

Which side (or back or stomach) are you on? Match your sleep position with the
firmness of your pillow. Side sleepers should go firm for head and neck
support. Back sleepers do best with medium to firm cushioning. Stomach sleepers
are softies; a pillow without pushback eases neck strain.*
* Source: http://health.howstuffworks.com/mental-health/sleep/basics/how-to-fall-asleep12.htm

Meet the DataArt Bedfellows
Amy is an editor and writer. Peter is an illustrator.
The first DataArt collaborators share an office, a home, and a bed in New York.

Amy (In bed)
Pillow(s): Two, really soft and really hard.
Position(s): Side and stomach.
Pajamas: On cold nights or if I?m sick, classic
plaid flannel pajamas-like old men wear.
Dreams: Recently there was a predator with big
teeth. This might be because the newish cat, who
has the personality of a baby velociraptor, sleeps
at my feet and attacks when I move them.
Average night's sleep: 7.5 hours

Peter (In bed)
Pillow(s): Two, probably firmness 5 and 8  (out of
10). I throw the harder one at May (the cat) when
she wakes us up.
Position(s): Side and stomach. I roll around  a
Pajamas: No way.
Dreams: A DJ scratching my name over and over
(good), zombie apocalypse (bad), sexy aliens
Average night's sleep: 8 hours

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