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>The fifth edition of this book was published on Aug, 8th of last year.
>There's an excellent short summary of systemd timers in

I browsed for this bit on systemd my Nexus. Was excited for the synopsis. Was 
slightly disappointed that the statement about systemd opening a wormhole was 
in jest. But hey, dare to hope.

 section 4.9 and
>foreword by Paul Vixie is wonderful.

The Colophon keeps the interest up, for those who toil in government SGML, to 

"FrameMaker has no future." "InDesign has no present." 

The WYSWYG cries of Linux GUI tools have never been better stated. 

I did check out the recommended site for fonts for code display metrics.


Nice little widget so you can preview the font look.

>This book can be viewed for free with a valid library card. Navigate to
>elearning then Safari books.

Android 6 "mobile friendly" browsing reflowed the pages nicely, most of the 
time. My LG, Android 4x doesn't reflow, however the native site code took care 
of that display issue on all pages. 

Thanks, its a nice read and bookmarked for reference. 
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