Many thanks to the many helpful responders !!

Too many for me to thank individually ...

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Here is what I have digested and decided, based on GTALUG advivce received:

1. Thanks for the multiple offers to burn & ship DVDs and / or other media.

2. I'll accept the USB device advice, and use a USB device for the installation 

3. I already own two (2) WD 1 TB USB drives, acquired for taking hard disk 
backups of the new PC. So I'll try using one of those for the debian Linux 
(LXDE) installation device.

4. My friend has a Windows 10 setup with high speed Internet connection so I'll 
see if he and I can get all three installation DVD images onto that USB drive. 
We can't use any Linux utilities while doing that, unfortunately. Then I'll try 
the Linux install from that USB drive.

5. Thanks also for the cautionary advice re: dial-up modem on Linux. I did some 
research earlier, but of course the proof will be in the actual attempt to use 
the modem :) I do plan to upgrade to a faster (and dedicated) Internet link !! 
Just wanted to try first with the dial-up modem. Trying to simplify my life by 
postponing the networking upgrade. And also out of plain perverse curiosity, 
more than anything else.

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Thanks again to GTALUG members for all the advice. Makes this whole shift from 
Windows XP to debian Linux soooo much more comfortable. No doubt I'll be back 
in touch again at some point, during the build adventure... :)



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    Greetings To GTALUG,

    I am starting to order the parts for building a new desktop PC to run 
debian Linux as primary operating system. Replacing an ancient Dell desktop PC 
with MS Windows XP.

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    I'm looking for a source for full set of physical debian Linux (LXDE) 
installation DVDs (NOT a live install, as I understand that Linux does not yet 
support live install with UEFI).

    I need the installation DVDs because I use a very slow telephone-grade 
dial-up line modem for my Internet connection, so a Linux installation via 
network is not feasible. (I plan to try to keep using the dial-up line with the 
new debian Linux PC, at least for the first while. GTALUG advice put me on to 
the idea of using a USB dial-up modem with Linux.)

    Found a U.S.A.-side vendor but am concerned about 
getting caught in snags with payment / collection of Canadian customs duties, 
that may be collected by courier delivering to the Canadian address from U.S.A

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    Does anyone know of a Canadian-side online seller of debian Linux (LXDE) 
DVD installation sets ??

    I could potentially beg use of a friend's Windows 10 setup on Bell Fibe, 
and download the debian Linux LXDE) DVD image files and burn the DVDs myself, 
but I prefer to avoid the hassle and probable mistakes.

    Any thoughts from GTALUG members, on this piddling but potentially messy 
detail of getting a full set of debian Linux (LXDE) install DVDs, greatly 
appreciated !!

  The last time I had to help someone with a modem on Linux 3-4 years ago, it 
was kind of a nightmare.  Before you buy, make sure it has Linux support - and 
then spend some time researching what they mean by that, because one of the 
things I encountered was "has Linux support" meant "if you go pay someone else 
for a driver that only works with a specific kernel."  I don't consider that 
real Linux support, so do your homework.

  Keep in mind that every time a new kernel comes out (~once a month with 
Debian stable, ~every two weeks with testing??) you're in for an overnight (or 
at least multi-hour) download.  I'm afraid you're going to find yourself 
dreading the 'apt-get dist-upgrade' command, which you _should_ run often.

  I'd also add a vote for seeing if you can get USB media: it's a lot easier to 
deal with these days, and more common.  It could also allow you to skip putting 
an optical drive into your new machine if you don't otherwise need it.


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