Depends on what app is. Depend on if the library works (or is easy to get
on Arm (if that is what your embedded is), as well as available ram and
Some of these you mentioned have dependencies as well that have to be
assessed for
Arm and embedded size. Another oddity is some time you have to build your
own libs
for the embedded, and then it has a certain system, and that has
restrictions on
your gcc version, etc.
So first you have to establish what your platform is and resources, and
domain of
your app, then look at candidates based on domain, and then check them for
to your platform.(and their deps).
You may find, for example wt+cpp could work well (if you wanted to do web
app in c++).
You may want to look at web app projects for ras-pie or other embedded
boards and
see what is popular, but again keeping in mind your projects domain.

On Tue, Mar 13, 2018 at 2:16 AM, William Park via talk <>

> Hi all, (If you're on KWLUG list, sorry for duplicate.)
> I have a general question about JavaScript.  I want to develop/propose
> "web app" hosted from embedded Linux board.  So,
>     - you go to its webpage,
>     - click "web app",
>     - it will serve out JavaScript to browser client, and
>     - the app will be running on the browser.
> Which Javascript should I learn?
> I mean, there are Meteor, Angular, React, Ember, Vue, etc.  Some are
> described as "framework", and others described as "library".  Then,
> there is Web Assembly I've been reading about recently.  It's difficult
> to figure out what's what.
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