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| Yeah, that's the crux of it - my CPU is definitely 10+ years old.

You still haven't told us the model of your CPU.

A good problem report includes enough data to work on the problem.

| The magic of Linux has meant that my quad core machine with 2 Gb of
| RAM has been serving me well for a decade.
| The only problem the machine has given me is that the CMOS battery
| died, so I have to reset the time whenever there's a power outage.

That's almost certainl easy to fix.  There is a little battery on the
motherboard that needs to be replaced.  It is chrome-coloured.  It's a

- remember its orientation (+ up or + down)

- find its model number (eg. cr2032)

- buy a replacement and install it.  Many sizes are available
  inexpensively at Dollarama.  But in these times, perhaps ebay or
  amazon are safer.
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