I would love to use a program I found, that would allow me to do some

So far, I can get Menus to read, and some other things on Screen.

However, this program has its own windows where Text is Displayed, and
it is this text I cannot get WE 9.5 to read.  

If I use the normal CTRL Num-Pad 5 key to read the line where the cursor
is on, I hear nothing.  

However, if I move the Mouse Cursor to this window, and move up and down
the text by using the Num-Pad 8 and 2 keys, the mouse moves up or down
and reads the line.

If I press just the Num-pad 5 key, it will read the line the Mouse
cursor is on.  

I just thought of something,-  If I change what WE 9.5 follows, say
instead of the System Cursor, and start tracking the Carrot, or the
Highlight.    IK, just writing out loud here.

Anyone else have any other ideas as how to read the text that comes up
in this window?

The Text is Black on a White Background, unless I am looking at the text
where the program is focused, there  the text is a Shade of Steel Blue
with White Text.  

Using the normal Arrow keys will move this Highlighted bar up and down
through the text displayed on screen.  

Anyone have tricks to get text to read in WE, when using the typical
normal settings read nothing?


Grumpy Dave Who is not Grumpy about this, but since there are so many
other Daves on this list, it at least lets you know which Dave is
posting.  the Grumpy one, or one of the other ones.

Dave <dlh...@centurylink.net>

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