Hi guys

I've seen this happen in older Window-eyes versions before, and it just happened to me a couple days ago. I've only just got things back to the way I want them. For some inexplicable reason, after I rebooted due to a Windows 10 update, I noticed that all of my Window-eyes apps had been uninstalled? removed? changed somehow?

The only way I knew how to fix it was to download everything again. I had to first re-install GW Toolkit, which then allowed me to re-install AppGet, and then I was able to get all the other apps I use pretty easily. But the better question is, why is this happening? I would think after something as simple as a reboot, the apps should all stay working, right? I shouldn't have to re-download them every time a new version of Window-eyes is released. Oddly enough this only happens one time, so it looks like the first time after you reboot after installing a new version of Window-eyes, this is what happens. Anyone else know what i'm talking about? Has anyone else experienced this after installing 9.3.5?


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