Hi I know that I and others are having this issue with Thunderbird.
When you open A message and it starts reading the message.
Window-eyes either repeats that first word of the message twice or it will start reading the message and then start reading it again.
I don't have the Thunderbird inhansed app running either I have it removed.
Now I know that I have brought this up before.
And others have as well.
But now others aren't having this issue.
So how do we get it to stop and go away for good?
I mean would A total removal of window-eyes with A totally fresh install be in order and would that stop it? Or would we also have to totally remove Thunderbird as well and reinstall it from the ground up?
These are things that I really don't want to do.
There has to be A reason that this is happening.
Now I am wondering does this repeating words and lines happen to those of you that are using window live mail or outlook? I know that this really isn't A high propriety thing but it is annoying to say the least. We should have to first open our e-mail message and then hit the read to end key to get it to read with out repeating.
Now I know that this isn't A list for this screen reader.
But if you read your e-mail with NVDAit will when you open your e-mail message it will repeat the subject line but.
It won't repete the first word or line of your message twice on you.
Now what if you would switch to Jaws would you have this repeating problem also? Just asking not bashing window-eyes but this has to get looked in to and corrected.
So any and all suggestions are welcome thank you have A nice day.

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