So last night, I did my little Internet radio thing on the Legend, and I 
noticed that the Station Playlist app for Window-eyes was running but not 
working. I blamed the failure on a recent Windows 10 update, presuming that the 
update had erased all my key bindings or had taken over keystrokes that were 
once used by the Station Playlist app. I grumbled and groused about Windows 10 
updates to my poor beleaguered listeners off and on, convinced that the fault 
was surely Microsoft’s.

When I came off the air, I dug a little deeper into the Window-eyes environment 
and found that for whatever reason, GW Toolkit wasn’t running at all. That 
would explain in a big way why there were no working keystrokes in the Station 
Playlist app.

With no small amount of chagrin and plenty of dip for that crow I was gagging 
down, I ran GW Toolkit, reopened Station Playlist, brought up a list as if I 
were about to be on the air, chewed another beak or two of that nasty crow, and 
proceeded to watch as Jeff Bishop’s scripts worked flawlessly—all my keystrokes 
were back and in good working order.

I share this hopefully as an attempt at brightening your day just a bit. If 
you, too, have made a similar mistake of not checking the status of GW Toolkit, 
finding it easier instead to blame Microsoft, you need to know you’re not alone 
in that. And just so you know, crow meat that comes from Washington state is no 
more appetizing than the same unfortunate dish from anywhere else. :-)

Double check your GW Toolkit status, my friends, before you despair of ever 
seeing your app’s keystrokes work well again. I have to admit to being rather 
stunned that Toolkit wasn’t running. I don’t remember killing it for any 
reason. Here’s hoping it comes up and runs automatically from now on.

Nolan, who is somewhat humbled and chastened by his experience, and who doesn’t 
recommend crow regardless of the dip recipe you have or whether it comes from 
Washington state or wherever!

Nolan Crabb, Director of Assistive Technology
The Ohio State University, Office of the ADA Coordinator/Office of Diversity 
and Inclusion
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