Well folks, I've gone and messed something up.

Yesterday while trying to figure out this thing with the JAVA Script, I went as far as to reset IE, and lost my trusty Google as my default search engine. And even though it is indicated in the settings that you can change your search engine, when pressing enter on the supposed setting, I am taken to the internet options dialog box, where I can find nowhere within the box to reverse from Bing back to Google. Can this be easily done, or must I have to ask my dear sighted wife once again to help me out with this, what should be an easy readjustment.

And now for some reason, I can no longer get some shortcuts that I had set up on my desktop to access the BARD site to work anymore. Any ideas as to what settings I might have messed with in order to have messed that up too?

I really am about to pull what's left of my precious hair out at this point I tell ya.

I think I'm going to take Rod Hutton's usual sage advice, and just leave the JAVA thing alone and let it get tired of bugging me. As long as it doesn't do anything malicious ...

And once again, your assistance would be greatly appreciated,

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