I didn't notice the below issue back in WE 9.1, but since upgrading to 9.4
and beyond, it seems to happen regularly.


When I visit a webpage in Firefox that contains Flash content, after about
30 seconds, I get a message that the Flash Shockwave plugin has stopped
working or is busy, and I have the options to continue or stop the plugin. I
used to get this once in a while, but as I said, it seems to happen all the
time now with 9.4+.


My current workaround, though ugly, is to simply restart Window-Eyes before
the dialogue about continuing or stopping the plugin comes up. Having WE out
of the way seems to clear up the deadlock. Choosing the continue option from
the dialogue seldom works; I just get prompted again after another 30
seconds or so. The stop option sometimes works, but I usually have to choose
it multiple times, possibly because there are multiple flash instances on
the page? Not sure.


Doesn't matter if the allow flash in browse mode option in Firefox Enhanced
is turned on or off.


The below linked  FF bug seemed to be similar and had a lot of activity from
Aaron and Doug, but it's now been over two years without activity, and I'm
not sure it's still relevant:




Would love to know if there's a fix for this somewhere in FF or WE that I'm
missing. FF is by far my preferred browser as it's less bloated than IE and
has a longer track history with AT than Chrome. But, needless to say, this
is a bit annoying.





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