I am using the most current version of Window eyes and windows 10
anniversary edition and Office 2007.  


I have not had any problems with Office 07 or Window Eyes until the last two
updates of Window Eyes.  


When I first went to Windows 10 in May I checked with the staff of Window
Eyes to make sure WE and windows 10 would still work.  AI Squared assured me
that Office 07 would work just fine.  

Since the current update and the previous update of WE I have had nothing
but trouble with Outlook on my computer.  I have a few problems with Word
but not as much trouble as I have with Outlook.  


I have made a few calls to AI Squared and they have come up with a few ideas
to try and I was also sent a Zip file of WE 9.5.3 incase when I di my
upgrade from the WE page had an issue.  

Well still no luck.  I purchased the CD to WE 9.5.3 and before I installed
it I ran Windows Defender and Malware bytes to make sure there wasn't a
virus or problem with my computer.  Everything was clean.  I installed the
CD of WE 9.5.3 today and I am still having issues especially with Outlook.  


What is happening is when I open Outlook the majority of the time my list of
emails are showing on the screen but nothing is read at all.  When the list
of emails do read WE doesn't say if the message is read, unread, forwarded.

So I had sighted help to do the graphic dictionaries to label the read,
unread and all that stuff.  That did not work either so my sighted
assistance suggested I label the Braille dictionary's with the read and
unread also.  Believe it or not that made WE say if the messages were read
or unread.  

I do not even have any Braille stuff installed on my computer because I do
not use Braille at all.  


So anyway I am thinking about downloading Office 365 because my spouse uses
that and I can also add it to my computer.  What I am wondering is can I
have both Office 2016, which is the Office 365 version and also have Office
07 on my computer?  

I know I will have to get the proper set file for Office when I use one
version or another, but that is not a problem. 

I have a home business and most of my stuff is done on Word 2007 so I will
need time to convert documents so they work in word 2016.  

Plus with all the changes from Office 07 to Office 2016 I am going to have
to learn how to maneuver and do things differently in Office 2016.  


So any advice that anyone can share with me or how to get WE 9.5.3 to work
properly with Office 7 would greatly be appreciated.  




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William Arthur 


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