At 10:45 AM 2/2/2018, BK via Talk wrote:
>I have one more question about file explorer. There are two settings,
>one is quick access, and the other is this pc. Which one functions more
>like the old windows explorer? If neither does, then what is the
>difference between the two, and which is more speech friendly? Thank you
This PC is the root directory for Windows Explorer as we've always known it. Quick Access is a directory of shortcuts recent files and folders where you can use first letter navigation as in any list view. However, Quick Access is read only, so you can't delete shortcuts directly from it. However,

when you delete the actual folders or files, their shortcuts will disappear from Quick Access. I use Quick Access a lot to open recent files and folders because it saves me many navigation steps. Also, in the File and Folder Options dialogue, you can set File Explorer to open either in This PC or Quick Settings. I tend to like it opening to This PC, but if you press home in that tree view, Quick Access is always at the top anyway.
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