Brice, I don't care for Jaws; but, I think that the concept of installing a
new copy of Jaws in a separate folder is a good thing.  Yes, you're used to
doing business one way in an older version; suppose for a second the new
update breaks something that was working beautifully well?  Hmm, you can
just leave the new copy alone and still have a working screen reader 'cause
you can revert to using the old one.

This could have been a real issue way back when hard drives were barely
250MB and I am on top of the world thinking I had all bases covered; today,
hard drives are up to 4TB and greater.  As such, leaving two separate copies
of Jaws on one DOES NOT hurt a fly--oh, sorry, it might hurt a fly trying to
peak into my eyes!

I wish Window-Eyes had adopted the same concept.  But, it didn't!

Denver, Colorado

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