80n wrote:
> We are currently developing a federated membership structure to support
> local chapters.  They will be able to accept funds locally and either use
> them locally or channel them to the centre for this kind of funding.  I
> expect this would be the best solution, but it is not completely in place
> yet.

But 80n, you were aware that we already have incorporated OSM Germany 
through the exitsting FOSSGIS e.V. - federated membership or no 
federated membership - and it would just have required a few days 
advance notice for us to set up something where FOSSGIS accepts funds 
for this and forwards the money to OSMF.

If there had been just a note on the lists saying "by the way we're 
planning this", that would have been enough to make us think about this.

Sometimes I think the foundation is hurting its own goals by being so 
damn secretive. Why did you have to make this a surprise? What was 
gained by that?


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