Jean-Marc Liotier wrote:
> Now we have :
> tag                   value                   uses
> earthquake:damage     collapsed_building      1,499
> fixme:building        collapsed               1,492
> building              collapsed               787
> earthquake_damage     collapsed               2
> Time for harmonization ?
> "earthquake_damage" should obviously be "earthquake:damage".

Corrected two occurences. Edit at

> "fixme:building=collapsed" looks like it should be
> "earthquake:damage=collapsed_building" - but maybe there is a reason for
> "fixme" that I'm not aware of.

As explained earlier, there is a reason for that, so I did not touch
anything with "fixme:"

> "earthquake:damage=collapsed_building" is the ITHACA way. Should we
> convert all the "building=collapsed" to it ? I would say yes, because
> "collapsed" is not a type of building but a building attribute - the
> ITHACA way is semantically superior.

Where a "building=collapsed" was present, I want to set
"earthquake:damage=collapsed_building" instead. This would touch about
815 objects.

Everywhere "earthquake:damage=collapsed_building" was present, I want to
add "building=yes" which seems logical and helps proper rendering. This
would touch 2290 objects.

All that seems logical to me, and I embarked upon doing it. I managed to
make clean selections and edit them - but then on uploading my changeset
would conflict with other data.

I tried to get and then as
fast as I could (that is - not so fast on my four years old laptop) to
replace "building=collapsed" with "earthquake:damage=collapsed_building"
and then add "building=yes" everywhere
"earthquake:damage=collapsed_building" was set... And everytime a
conflict would prevent upload.

I tried again five times... I give up for now - I'm going to bed - feel
free to take it from there.

Am I doing something wrong ? Is JOSM the right tool for editing tags on
3k objects or is there another way I sould use ?

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