I'd like to render a map of about a square mile or so of the town of 
Bromley, in Kent, for the information sheet for my wedding in August (yay!).
I want to make the map, then remove a few bits which I don't need and 
add stuff to it like bigger labels on some important POIs like the 
church and the nearest station. I want it to look professional.

This is just the sort of thing OSM should be good for, or so I hope :-)

My first effort involved an SVG export of the Mapnik image from the main 
website. This is pretty good; the only problem is that the roads are 
unnecessarily narrow and so the road names are small and hard to read. 
I'd like pretty much that map, except with wider roads and bigger text. 
It would take an age to change it all manually in the SVG. What are my 
options for a custom render?

- Mapnik: requires an incredible amount of setup, according to the wiki

- Osmarender: It's ugly. Sorry, but it is.

- mapgen.pl: Same.

- Kosmos: I'm on Linux, and it only really runs on Windows.

- Cobra: development seems dead.

- Cartagen: It does road labels square on, which I don't like.

- Cloudmade: initially, this seemed really promising. They have a
   variety of styles, and I probably could make
   one with wider roads, but the Terms of Service are so long and
   complex, and say "don't do anything with this data that isn't your
   own personal use" about three times in different ways, so I assume I
   can't use it.

Any ideas? Is there an online service to which one can submit a Mapnik 
style sheet and get back a rendering of a small area?


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