You may have seen a new link at the top of about 
the forthcoming license change and seen it growing in size. It will soon appear 
on the login page too. We'd like to reach as many 
contributors as possible with something that is short, clear and fair to all 
viewpoints. We've asked legal-talk to look at it and now appreciate any general 
feedback and comment.  You can comment directly on the Discussion page or email 
the License Working Group . Translations into other 
languages are also greatly welcome. 

The License Working Group will be holding an open forum at SOTM 2010 on Sunday 
and we also welcome any questions and comments there.

Where are we now?

New contributors to OpenStreetMap have been "dual licensing" since May 12th and 
we are just about to start asking existing contributors to do the same. Asking 
folks to agree to both the CC-BY-SA and ODbL allows a transition period with 

OpenStreetMap has NOT yet moved to the new license.  To do this, we need a 
critical mass of EXISTING contributors to agree to re-license existing 

I will avoid giving any specific dates as we continue to move ahead cautiously 
after allowing any reactions to be heard and discussed, but here are more 
 and the general plan: 

- Right now, CC-BY-SA carries on as usual.  The Foundation has the right to 
license a tiny amount of new contributions under ODbL, but will not do so.

- Existing contributors will shortly be asked if they will agree to re-license 
their data under ODbL.  CC-BY-SA carries on as usual. Contributors will be able 
to go on editing whether or not they accept or decline.

- When enough contributors have agreed, we cut over to licensing the current 
database under ODbL, (And a static snapshot of the database is also made 
forever under CC-BY-SA).  If for some reason this event never happens, the fail 
safe is that licensing of all contributions under CC-BY-SA simply continues.

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