Are you a local OSM community organizer? Are you coming to State of the
Map? Now is your time to shine!

After the OSM Awards ceremony, we're going to have a little panel
discussion about what works and doesn't work for local community
organizers; about your successes, challenges and dilemmas.

First we gave the chance to people who submitted a talk about their own
local community experiences, but we'd like to do some last minute expansion
of candidates.

Here's the three main questions we'd like to talk about:

   A) What do you consider the most important lesson learnt in your own
efforts to build a local mapping community? What worked for you or did not
work when trying to expand your community.

   B) Are there dilemma's or challenges you face about which you would like
to get other people's opinions?

   C) How could the global OSM community help you? For example in helping
with the challenges you face. But also making sure the lessons you learned
don't have to be re-learned over and over again. Or in scaling up the
solutions you found (e.g. make a global tool for something you use locally).

There will also be a Local Chapters congress. That's kind of a similar
idea, but you could see that as more about formal, national or regional
organisation. This mail is more about building the informal networks that
make that kind of organisation possible. So you don't have to be doing Big
Things to be a valid candidate for the panel. And I'm interested in your
opinion, even if you can't or won't be on the panel.

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