On Thursday 22 September 2016, Daniel Koć wrote:
> I want to change the water color on default OSM map layer (osm-carto
> style) and wile the code itself is very simple:
> [...]

Note there is also the suggestion for a more discerning change in the 
way water features are rendered by showing different types of 
waterbodies in different colors.

The main goal of this idea would be to address the problem of poor 
visibility of rivers and streams in many situations, in particular in 
areas with detailed and differentiated landuse mapping - both in urban 
and rural contexts.  Doing so with a single water color would lead to 
an overly dominating appearance of large water surfaces, i.e. the ocean 
and lakes.  By using different tones for different types of water 
features the individual colors can be more specifically adjusted 
without the need to compromise between a lot of different requirements.

A secondary goal of such a change would be to show the different types 
of water features we have in OSM in the map and this way encourage 
correct tagging.

Implementing this requires a number of other changes so is somewhat more 
complex but ultimately these changes are desirable for other reasons 

Some more background information and a link to an implementation of this 
idea can be found on


Christoph Hormann

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