is a bit sarcastic and a bit tainted dont you 
The first example is about power lines in Canada.  There are people that dont 
like imports and like to criticize efforts of canadian mappers to develop the 
map. Let's go further and look why we can see a power line outside of the cut 
where it should fit.
There are are vast nordic territories in Canada with scarce population, forest 
and mining industry and in some parts huge hydroelectric projects. Quite 
different from urbanised territorries south of Canada or in western Europe. No 
priority to provide imagery for these territories. Some suggest we should leave 
these territories blank instead of importing data. They are advocating to erase 
all these bad edits. I advocate for them to come and help us, really help us, 
not erase the map.

OSM is a complex project with the parts that not all fit well together. You 
have Nominatim, the Styling, the keys all biazed to reflect a certain reality, 
often urbanized countries of western Europe and their commerces.

We dont understand the reality of the highway networks in Africa and we dont 
understand the reality of such immense nordic territories. And we often have 
difficulty to take account to the various social and medical services or other 
features that reflect our social and economic activity.  If we could reflect 
this with a nasty picture :)

I will talk about the Quebec province that I know more and where I have 
intensively mapped power lines, hydroelectric power dams and substations. I 
have mapped carefully with Bing the James Bay hydroelectric Project reservoirs 
that span for hundred of kilometers, added the hundred of dams, power station 
and aligned the Power lines. Try to find any of these from Nominatim. 
Impossible. The Nominatim developpers dont see any interest to include the 
power key in the searches. I also prepared relations to combine power 
facilities related to the various reservoirs. Try to find any.  Not easy then 
for contributors to find these "bad edits" and repair them.

Try to find any of these through Nominatim. Or try to find any village.  North 
of Quebec is a vast territory, the size of Germany but where only 35,000 people 
people live in remote villages. Try to find these villages on the Map. Is the 
Mapping style adapted to such territories.  Imagery such as Bing High 
resolution is not available everywhere on these territories.  Does these Bad 
examples selection suggest we should leave blank an area the size of Germany.  
Anyway it often looks blank with the mapping style since it is very hard while 
zooming out to have an idea of what you can find in these territories. 
Zooming-in you have to be quite lucky to find something.
Myself, I can live with the fact that the power line is not perfecty aligned 
until imagery is available. Those that prefer to use bot to spot bad edits and 
revert would be more useful if thy can come and help :)
As you can see, OSM is a complex system with many parts to make a great map and 
there are improvements that we can make in many areas. OSM is not only a 
mapping project.  There are various parts and we have to find ways to better 
match the various parts, to be able to share decisions with developpers and 
better reflect the various realities of this OSMPlanet.
So the slightly misalligned power linean Example of well intentioned but wrong 
edit ?


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You might have knowledge of this already, but Worst of OSM epitomizes this. [1]
[1] - 
2016-10-14 0:55 GMT+01:00 Jóhannes Birgir Jensson <>:

I'm giving a lecture in a weeks time on crowd-sourcing GIS data at a GIS-event 
in Iceland.

As we know OSM gets a bit of bad edits, some of them in good faith, a very 
minor part vandalism. I will highlight a couple of examples just to give people 
an idea of the risks but just looking at OSM itself so far we are well ahead in 
risk vs reward for an open GIS dataset!

I will mention the edit boom that came with editing feature and have a 
couple of amusing examples from Iceland but would appreciate more.

Also if anyone has any statistics about vandalism ratio and other bad edits I 
would love to see that.

OSM Iceland

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