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> While I can understand adding WP and WD tags to objects of note, why on
> earth would we want to add all this redundancy to OSM objects at all?

The question incudes the false premise that this is redundancy: It is
not, it adds disambiguation.

> Particularly given that object type + brand(s) should essentially always be
> unique

You're prepared to guarantee that there are not two different chains,
in the same business, in different parts of the world, with the same
name? I'm not.

For example, until the UK version went titsup a few years back, there
were chains of stores in the UK and in Australia, each called
"Woolworths". Though they had common roots, they were not the same.

> anybody that wants to look up WD keys could do so via a simple external table.

Please can you tell us where to find these tables?

Andy Mabbett

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