Hi folks,

Announcing the third OpenStreetMap Awards! After two successful years with 15 
people or projects awarded and nearly 60 nominated, we continue with the next 
one. Please nominate people and projects for achievements of the past year on 
the Awards website:


This is a community award: nominees and winners are chosen by the community. 
The Awards strive to be a worldwide event for all OpenStreetMap members, 
including developers, mappers, community leaders, blog writers and everyone 
else. We need your help to find the best of OpenStreetMap globally. Please 
notice people mentioned in WeeklyOSM, blogs, your local community, and submit 
them or their projects for the award.

Eligible are projects or other works that were announced after July 1st, 2017, 
except for the Ulf Möller Award, for which everyone is eligible regardless of 
the time when they were active in the project. Winners of past awards and 
selection committee members (in their categories) cannot be nominated.

If you want to be on a selection committee for any of the categories, please 
message me with who and why.

The call for nominees will close on 31th of May, and shortly after that we will 
start the second round, choosing the award recipients via the community voting.

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