we're all concerned about the environment these days. "Reduce, Reuse,
Recycle" is certainly something to strive for in the real world out there.

However, for the second time now I've encountered a user who thought it
was a good idea to reclaim old node IDs for new edits. A couple of
long-deleted TIGER nodes were raised from the dead, and put to use in
mapping some new roads on the other side of the planet.

This sounds like a funny/quirky thing to do, and looks harmless enough
on the surface. But anyone who ever looks at the history of things
*will* be totally confused. Nobody who works with historic data will
expect that a U.S. bus stop could become a tree in Romania. People are
bound to interpret this in any number of wrong ways. It also messes up
my full history extracts, where you'll now find the occasional German
hiking route in the California data extract because a node that used to
be in California is now part of a path that belongs to the hiking route.

Long story short, please don't do it - let the API assign you new node
IDs to your stuff instead of building ingenious contraptions to recycle
old nodes.


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