Using Roland Overpass query, we can search easily in JOSM witha query for 
simultaenous childs of  1. way with power:line tag and 2. way with no 
power:line tag
child(type:way & power:line) & child(type:way & -power:line)
Then with the Todo plugin, we can revise each individual point and unclip from 
the electric network.


    François Lacombe wrote:
Hi all,Osmose-QA also display such bad connection between power lines and non
power features (item 7040 class 4)

We also have this issue related to unterminated lines like this occurence
(7040 class 2) :

It causes a lot of false positive alerts because occuring on T connections
(not only for power lines)
No offense intended towards devs who do a lot of good work anyway :)

All the best

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