Seem to be getting a large number of spam edits all with comments matching
aabbbbbbbb, where a is any single lowercase letter and b is any single
digit, have appeared in the last 48 hours.  So far the items being mapped
have had name=* matching the same pattern, area=yes, and not much of
anything else, and certainly don't seem to be of any value or decipherable
to any casual observer.  These have started appearing in Oklahoma, which is
why I noticed them in OsmCha.

Users that I've noticed so far that are doing this, totalling 261
changesets, all fitting this pattern:

I strongly suspect there are more accounts doing this across the US (since
the mrana3 one only had a bounding box that intersected Oklahoma, no edits
within it, but did have them on either coast), and the oldest account
appears to be from March 5, 2018.
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