For this application having a well defined region isn't a big issue. To me
it's more of "if you are interested, here is a  nearby OSM group(s)." I
think as we learn how users react to the feature, we can find ways to
improve it.  To that end, I gave Metro Vancouver as an area to github
issue. It probably should extend out more than just the metro relation but
I felt it was a good start.


On Wed, Apr 4, 2018 at 2:50 AM, Paul Norman <> wrote:

> On 3/31/2018 5:25 AM, Bryan Housel wrote:
>> a `.geojson` file to describe where the region where it is active.
>>  (multiple resources can share a .geojson file)
> I'm having trouble figuring out what a sensible region is for the meetups
> in Vancouver and the Pacific Northwest.
> Our meetups are along the coast, but I don't believe there are any other
> meetups for a few hundred km as you go inland. Closer to home, I'd consider
> Chilliwack part of our region in many ways, but it's 100km from there to
> our normal meeting place. This makes it too far to suggest, because it's a
> 90+ minute drive. Where would I cut it off?
> Going up and down the coast, we have a different problem. Vancouver,
> South-Central Salish Sea, and Seattle all share a meetup organization, and
> have overlap in members. The boundaries here are fuzzy.
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