Wikimedia are currently working hard on deploying maps based on OSM data
- some basic information and links are here:


Now they started including them on the project Wikis:


What is important for us is that these maps can have defined language
and Wikimedians will try to add localized names for different places.
However they don't know how to do it properly, so it might end up with
massive low quality name imports from Wikidata.

It would be good to prepare step-by-step guide to help them to resolve
this issue:


We have a page related to Wikipedia/Wikimedia on our wiki, where it
could be linked along with native Wikimedia Maps page:




Apart from these problems, I'm very happy with reusing our data for such
an important open project.

It's also good that they were able to deploy multiple language versions
- we would hit this problem anyway, sooner or later, and I hope that
eventually we will be able to provide them too.

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