For example:

mapper encounters 
and wants to add missing name:pl

(s)he opens linked 
<> and changes using
interwiki to 
<> and adds name:pl=Xining

Unfortunately, Wikipedia is licensed under CC-BY-SA what is incompatible with 

What worse, it may be easily argued that list of names in Wikipedia forms 
a database and therefore it should not be imported.

(and no, Wikidata is not better - it includes data from Wikipedia and entire
databases protected by sui generis database right so it is even worse as far as
copyright goes)

Is there any reason why adding names based on Wikipedia would be OK?

If not - is there any method how it may be stopped/limited? Especially with 
Wikipedia starting to use OSM maps what will encourage new users to add 
translations of names?

See existing documentation on wiki:

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