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> On 5. May 2018, at 14:28, Mateusz Konieczny <> wrote:
> (and no, Wikidata is not better - it includes data from Wikipedia and entire
> databases protected by sui generis database right so it is even worse as far 
> as
> copyright goes)

I’ve read this several times now, but find it to be an over cautious 
interpretation of the situation. Wikidata is published in cc0, everyone 
contributing to it knows it. If some years ago wikimedia’s legal department has 
analyzed the situation and concluded that they could import facts from 
wikipedia into a cc0 db, why would we not trust them? Copyright doesn’t protect 
facts, ie ccbysa does so neither. Wikidata is containing only facts. WRT to 
database rights in the EU, I don’t think there can be a case between wikidata 
and wikipedia, and even if there was I am confident it would be settled.


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