Thank Andy & Mateusz,

Yes I think you might be right. I was assuming a level of completeness
with that wiki page that simply isn't there.
Most are vehicle routable (and in English "highway" implies that!), so
the assumption is that new (or typo) values probably will be too.

I then managed to find that taginfo tool not long before you posted it
Andy - the ways have about 300 different highway values - most are
irrelevant (generally unroutable), typos, or deprecated.

I'll be switching to a whitelist approach...
(also as time permits, I'll try cleaning up some of the more obvious typos...)

So back to my original questions:  The only way to find a new valid
tag value is to wait for a user to complain about a funky or lack of
calculated route?


On Sat, May 5, 2018 at 12:31 PM, Mateusz Konieczny
<> wrote:
> 5. May 2018 18:07 by
> my code assumes unknown highway tags are
> vehicle-routable (and filters out footpaths, stairs, etc).
> that is (1) not relevant (2) a really bad assumption - making
> highway=cyclewa vehicle-routable is a surprising design, especially that it
> is harder
> to maintain a blacklist than a whitelist.

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