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> How infrequent does the flea market have to happen in order for it to
> become an un-mappable "event"? Take a Christmas market for example,
> which is like a flea market just less frequent... or is it an event already?

By event I meant something that happened once and will not repeat (for example

"1936 Summer Olympic" or "Pope John Paul II assassination attempt" or 
"Eurovision 2018 contest").

Something that happens regularly at the same place would not be event -

if there is a flea market regularly taking place at a specific location there 
is no need to separately

map "flea market, first Monday of June 2018", "flea market, second Monday of 
June 2018".

I also have doubts about rare events.

Mapping street vendor seems to be obviously OK.

Mapping flea market appearing once a week seems to be OK.

Mapping flea market appearing once a month seems to be problematic.
Mapping Christmas market appearing once a year starts to be weird.
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