building=yes is a standard way to mark building without specifying its
type. Editors wishing to specify building type would (directly or
indirectly, for example using StreetComplete) look through buildings
tagged as building=yes.

building=building is an unexpected way to mark building without
specifying its type and therefore retagging this duplicate to
building=yes would improve tagging without any information loss.

It would also (as an useful byproduct) remove this tag from popular
values at 
<> and
ensure that it will not become proposed as a valid value by an iD
editor (at this moment threshold for building value is 14514 uses).

Between 4000 and 5000 objects are expected to be edited. See 
<> for a
geographic distribution.

Changeset would be split into small areas to avoid continent-sized
bounding boxes. As this tag is on buildings it is not expected that any
object will force bounding box to be extremely large.

For documentation page see
For documentation of my previous proposals (including both proposals
that failed to be approved and approved ones) see

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