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> ..
> I read the draft and I think that is far too long. It does not invited
> to be read by the users. This can lead to following issues:
Just to be clear, we (the LWG) would prefer that it be shorter too, it
is just the amount of territory that needs to be covered that makes it
long and complicated (I'm fairly sure that it is actually shorter than
the WP ToU that it is derived from).

> - Users don't read it because it is too boring, too long and too
> difficult to understand (especially for the majority being not native
> English speakers or understanding no English at all). They would be
> surprised by the important parts later.
> - Already active members of the community refuse to accept the terms
> because they don't understand the needs and the content.
> If we need all that rules written down there, we should add a summary of
> the points which are most important from our point of view at the
> beginning. It could look like this:
> - You have access to personal data (OSM metadata). Please handle it
> appropriate.
> - Your contributions must not violate copyright.
> - You must be 16 years or older to join OSM.
> - We don't guarantee anything. [insert better wording here]

We'll be discussing both the concept of a human readable summary and
translations at a our meeting today (both ideas were floated at SOTM). 
I wouldn't put too much hope in it though, in the end we need users to
agree to the terms themselves and not to a summary, adding one just
means there is even more text that needs to be read (have a look at for the WP ToU).
Translations are mainly an issue of cost (both initial and maintenance).

> The OSMF has already a block policy ruling when users get blocked
> permanently and how. If we add terms to the website, we should integrate
> the block policy into the terms. This has the advantage that user
> actively agree the block policy which makes it a lot easier to use it in
> court (I am not talking about a fictional case here).
> Best regards
> Michael
You were just complaining about the ToU being too long, adding the
kitchen sink is definitely not going to make them shorter :-).


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