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> On 11. Aug 2018, at 07:56, Andrew Hain <> wrote:
> The wiki has definitely had problems recently and we should have a good 
> discussion about what we want from it.

I don’t know since when you are following the wiki development, but from my 
point of view, there is nothing that would be worse “recently” that couldn’t 
have happened 10 years ago. On the contrary, I think it is now more stable and 
there are more eyes on it than before. It seems, questionable edits are often 
discovered and reverted within some hours or few days, while it took months and 
years when there were only few users.

It definitely helps that pages you edit are automatically added to your watch 
list “now” (for some time, but not since ever).

The scope of the wiki is documenting current mapping practice and osm related 
software, organizing the community, coordinating tag development.

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